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tv   Good Morning Washington at 430  ABC  October 13, 2010 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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hours. meanwhile, the rescue goes on. planners say they are prepared for hundreds of contingencies. so far, the operation has gone on without a hitch. exactly what the world w live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> straight ahead, a nightmare is almost over. 33 miners trapped thousands of feet underground have begun the slow a journey to the surface and to freedom. remarkable. good morning, washington. thanks for joining us on this wednesday, i am alison starling. >> i am scott thuman. we will celebrate all the latest developments from that mine in chile. latest details on that in a
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moment. we begin with traffic and weather. meteorologist adam caskey. >> noticeably cooler than the past couple days. this is all whether. -- fall eather. 61 in quantico. we will continue to see temperatures drop over the next couple hours. sunrise after 7:00. by lunchtime, 65 degrees. high temperatures in the 70's this afternoon. that is average. northeasterly wind at 5-10. tomorrow is when you need the rain gear. rain showers off and on. maybe over an inch in some spots by the time it's over. the rain starts tomorrow morning through tomorrow evening with highs in the low 60's. now to lisa baden. there are filming.
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pennsylvania avenue is closed between third street and constitution. that will be the scenario for the next hour and possibly until 6:00. 66 westbound in virginia at glebe road looks quiet in the camera. there is an accident on la plata sycamore street and construction has everyone detoured. 66 westbound, a little deceiving in this picture. back to you. >> thank you. joanna and celebrations this morning after an ordeal that has captivated vowel is almost over. this is a live picture from northern chile as the rescuers have been bringing up the trapped miners.
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>> the first one got to the service before 11:15 eastern last night. several more since then. a big run-up collapsed in early august. it was thought initially debt they were killed in the disaster. >> the kelso brings the men up one by one. each rides up a small staff and it takes about 20 minutes. one of them comes up every isle or. it could take up to $36 to bring them all to the surface -- 36 hours. >> diana is insulatn chile. >> this celebrated in the streets as the trapped miners were brought to the surface one gun at the senate as a line --
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oneone by the surface won b one. >> we are going to work round- the-clock 38 hours. finishedescuers l reinforcing the mine, the rescuers will wear two- way radios. 15 minutes to bring them to the surface. they have been told to keep their eyes closed and the elegant and dark sunglasses to protect their eyes. they will go to hospital nearby for observation. they were carrying with them
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letters from loved ones and religious objects. sometimes miracles happen, they said. the rescue of the one bolivian as well and they sang an anthem in a show of unity. >> more than 100 people in d.c. where, the chilean embassy last night and watching the rescue mission. national news coverage was shown of the rescue. we will be allied live in the next 30 minutes for of a breaking rescue efforts. stay tuned for a special edition of "good morning america" at 7:00 on abc 7. >> to the other developing story, we have confirmed that d.c. schools chancellor michelle rhee will resign later this morning.
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this is ending weeks of wondering about her future, but it raises more questions. pamela brown is live in northwest with details. good morning. >> good morning. a lot of anticipation for this decision. her future has been a big debate and a lot of people have wondered what will happen following the democratic mayoral election. michelle rhee said that the loss of adrian fenty for the mayor was a big loss. she has added several phone discussions with vincent gray, but they reached a mutual decision that it was best for michelle rhee to step down and that the debate was becoming too much of a distraction. she will handle the rains to the deputy chancellor, who will take
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longer until at least the end of the school year. the press conference will be at the mayflower hotel. mayor fenty, vincent gray, and michelle rhee will appear in unity to show that they all support school reform. back to you. >> thank you. we will keep following that story all morning. look for updates on 56 degrees on this ones that. a scathing report, more troubles for metro. >> i am done with this. >> bristol palin and the situation in the bottom two. who survived? a return of rain and fall temperatures.
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the fifth miner was blood to the surface in july -- brought
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wednesday morning, temperatures in the 40's and 50's. 59 at reagan national. 61 in quantico, 49 in
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hagerstown, 60 in annapolis. temperatures will be dropping from there. 70 degrees is the high temperature, close to an average. a beautiful autumn day, mostly sunny skies. clouds will increase tonight. a storm system will be developing. that will give us heavy rain off and on and into the early night time. cooler temperatures in low 60's thursday and friday. that will last through weekends with the cool temperatures. slight chance of showers on friday. cleaning -- clearing a on the weekend. mornings in the 40's, afternoons in the '60s. 95, 395, looking good. 66 eastbound, exit to go north on 495 is still closed.
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beltway construction is gone. at new hampshire avenue, moving smoothly. back to you. >> thank you. 56 degrees on this wednesday morning. police need a name to go with a face caught on camera, the latest for the search for the stabbing suspect in college park. i don't understand what the elevators are constantly under repair. a new report highlights mitchell's latest problem. latest problem
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good morning. :45 on this wednesday. rescuers are bringing up the miners then have been trapped underground two months. 6 have been rescued so far. they are bringing up one every 60 minutes. they will get medical attention and then be reunited with their families. michelle rhee plans to announce this morning that she will resign in the end of the month. deputy chancellor kyle anderson will take over. investigators want to note what led to the death of a man in northwest. he was found in the 6900 block
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of the glare r 0-- blair road. and newport could be another black eye for metro -- a new report. regarding the escalators and elevators. >> observers almost daily. the problems remain into the autumn. >> i have a problem with its. >> i don't understand what the elevators are constantly under repair. >> thanks to an independent audit, the mystery is solved. the report found serious flaws in the late metro maintains its equipment. the problems ranged from 30 escalator switches and water in , to propers wirooms
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maintenance standards. the interim general manager has previously admitted the need to do a better job of maintaining equipment and acknowledges that it has graduated 11 mechanics and is about to replace the foggy bottom elevator next month. the authors of the audit agree that they need to do more. >> the findings of the audit will be presented to the board of directors at the meeting on thursday. metro has not commented so far. d.c. streets will be closed this evening for the filming of "transformers 3." maryland avenue south and west from third street to sixth street. third and fourth street to
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constitution avenue from independence ave. and fourth streets as well. a suspect was caught on surveillance cameras. the victims were injured during a fight early yesterday morning outside a bar in college park called thirsty turtle. kabbalah has had trouble in the past and they want it shut down. -- the bar has eligible. what's your job is to be in compliance and if you don't, then i do my job, and which is enforcement. >> police say the guys were under age. none of the injuries was life threatening. there is an alert for restaurant patrons in the district. an al qaeda magazine is urging its readers to kill government
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workers. it spoke of random hits at lunch hour. it is reportedly published by a group in yemen tied to osama bin laden. the government is deciding whether to appeal a federal judge's order blocking military from enforcing a ban on openly gay servicemen and women. it essentially ends the "don't ask, don't tell" policy. last month the judge ruled the policy as unconstitutional. president obama has backed congressional efforts to repeal the ban. opponents of same-sex marriage in the district of the supreme court to intervene. a group headed by bishop filed a petition for an accord to take up the case. the couples were permitted to get married in march. there was an initiative aimed at blogging gay marriage. 4:49 on this wednesday
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morning, 56 degrees. coming up later, who was sent home, the situation or bristol palin? 6 miners have been rescued and another on the leg. we will be right b
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4:53 on wednesday morning. adam caskey and belfort furniture weather center. it is a great autumn day, comfortably cool. this afternoon will be pleasant as well. seasonable. let's look at temperatures. rainfall tomorrow. its 49 in frederick, 53 in temple hill, 57 in culpeper, 51 in herndon. clear skies today. that is what we anticipate, a lot of sunshine. a lot of sunshine today and then increasing clouds this evening. heavy rain showers off and on tomorrow with a few inches anticipated. highs in the low 60's tomorrow. now to lisa baden. interesting situation. all the way to baltimore, the left two are still closed from a
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bus fire that happened yesterday afternoon near the tunnel. that may not be available for the morning rush hour. you may want to use robert tunnel instead to go to baltimore. normal travel times on 95 between richmond and baltimore. back to you. >> thank you. 55 degrees outside. you are watching "good morning washington.". we will be right
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the situation. >> is he happy? he looks excited to be leaving. mike "the situation" sorrentino goes back to the jersey shore. the realities dollar was eliminated last night along with his dance partner from dancing with the stars. more with adam caskey in the next hour. stay with us for that. >> you would think that they had announced the winner. >> he did not have a physical reaction. >> we have an alert if you are on facebook or twitter. scanners are finding new ways to invade europe now. town.ur >> the top five scams. let's don't click on that link.
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the biggest scams happening right now. it will be used to go isleton and tackle of your friends. >> take the bait and you'll see that it is malware. >> it will get your password and steel e-mail addresses and sell them to any spammer and it will look for a bank account information. >> there's a new report on the risk of social networking. it finds internet phishing schemes are still happening. they want your password so they can take your identity and maybe even stam your friends and of money by pretending to be you. >> they need you to send the money so they can get an airplane ride home. >> on farmville, be careful if you are looking for help for tools to speed up the game
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because you might have someone getting your personal information. always have up-to-date security software. use common sense. if something does not seem right, it probably isn't. the all reports is on a lot more. >> 6 chilean miners are breathing fresh air for the first time in nearly 70 days. the seventh rescue is currently underway. we will have the latest august you efforts. >> the d.c. schools chancellor makes a major decision this morning. good morning washington begins right now. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> good morning, washington. i am scott thuman. >> i am alison sin


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